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Imperial Tavolini parquet.
Parquet which has history and soul
   Tavolini parquet - is not just a trick of a fashion, it is a high art,culture, beauty and design which could not be influenced by time. Theparquet collections combine sophistication of the past and fashion ofthe present days, we can find here a reflection of the most worldsdesign progressive and advanced tendencies. Tavolini Parquet hadalready become a sign of taste and status, this parquet has its uniqueface, history, sense, it is charged by energy of the masters hands.
   Production of Tavolini parquet is a complicated work which could becompared to the jewelers work. One of the most important thing is thatour product is hand-made. Parquet collections reflect the besttraditions of Italian design, this brings our intuition to choose theTavolini brand because it bears a code of beauty, style, culture,exclusivity and quality.
   Tavolinis portfolio includes the works from historical museums, banks,embassies and private cottages. The unique style of the Tavolinisparquet could be noticed in any place it is laid.

Maintenance of the parquet

   The service life of the parquet floor with the right care can be up to 100 years. And even if you do not plan such a long period of operation, you will still have to take a proper care of the parquet.

   The parquet floor is rather complicated technical structure consisting of different chemical composition of materials, which react differently to external influences. But we should remember that the basis of this design is wood, and wood - almost a living organism, it responds to any changes in the external environment.

   It is desirable that the furniture legs were equipped with protective strip of felt, thick felt or other flexible material of natural origin. Not recommended for this purpose - plastics. They can react chemically with the varnish. Roller furniture assumes the use of special polymer mats.

   One of the mandatory conditions of operation of varnished parquet floor is the presence of the special mud collector covering at the entrance to the premises for cleaning shoes from street dirt. Ideally, there should be mats of two types the rigid nylon rugs, for gathering of solid abrasive-carrying fractions, which are striving to scratch the top layer of the varnish, and cotton rugs, which absorb the water and contained chemical reagents, which can react with the substances contained in the varnish.

   But even the use of mud collector covering eliminates walking on the varnished floor in street shoes. The fact is that most of the materials, used in the shoe industry for the production of soles, are capable of forming stable mechanical traction with sand. Simply speaking, the abrasive particles are pressed into the soles, and it becomes an analog of the sandpaper. The same applies to pets.

   Continuing the theme about protection of the floor from the mechanical influence, it can not be said that the modern parquet varnishes, possessing high solidity, yet belong to the category of flexible coatings. But such coatings do not respond well to point loads. To avoid damage of varnish walking on the floor in shoes with heels, spike heels, as well as in the shoes with sole consisting of a solid grooved tips should be eliminated. In cases where the reception of the guests is expected the varnished parquet should be covered with the carpet or floor mat. The parquet shouldnt be covered with woven carpet since the woven basis can create the effect of "sandpaper" during the operation.


   Complex structure of the modern parquet floor assumes its full hermetic encapsulation, i.e. the wood species do not interact directly with any moisture or dirt. But neither varnish can save the parquet floor from the effects of temperature and humidity changes. This is due to the fact that parquet plank is sensitive to changes of temperature, and even more to the ambient humidity.

   The ideal condition for the exploitation of wood products is a constant humidity within 40-65% at a temperature of 18-25 C.

   It is believed that micro-climatic parameters, ensuring the optimum regime of wood life, coincide with the terms of a comfortable human environment.

Recommendations for the care of parquet

   Extremely important condition is to maintain a constant humidity - relative humidity within 50-65% and temperature of about +20C are optimal for human health and for the preservation of wooden flooring. To control these conditions you can use the measuring instruments (hygrometers), to maintain - with the help of humidifiers and air conditioners.

   Conditioners dry air. It is important to be sure that the moisture content of air is not greatly decreased, anyway parquet strips will gradually dry up and shrink in the transverse dimensions, and above all - in width.

   When there is increased moisture - the wood swells, when low - shrinks, and changes of temperature only accelerate this process, and this equally applies to the parquet and to the expensive furniture made of wood, intermediate stairways, etc.

Factors that affect cleaning of the parquet

   Cleaning efficiency depends on the chemical composition of the preparation. Time of interaction - the longer the better. However, when using aqueous cleaners its important to limit the time of their actions so that the moisture has not penetrated into the thickness of wood.

   Temperature - higher temperature enhances the cleansing action, so, if possible, its better to add cleaner into warm water.

   Machine cleaning - in this case, it is important to pay attention to the use of appropriate equipment.

   Tool with which cleaning takes place, should not have steel edges, and brush should not have too hard pile.

   Care of the parquet - it refers to applying the varnish layer on the surface of such substances that prevent wear (abrasion) of the varnish, provide the necessary level of friction, improve the visual effect and hygienic condition of the coating.

   Care of the varnished parquet - usually conducted with the use of water-based preparations.

   It is important to apply the conditioning agents equally to avoid the appearance of divirse degree of brightness at the section of parquet. Avoid getting moisture inside the floor covering. Use a well wrung rags or a special tool.

How does the humidity of the air affect the parquet?

The cracks appear on the parquet between strips

Low humidity is set in the room during a warm period.

Relative humidity less than 45%


Parquet and other wooden objects in such conditions begin to shrivel, and eventually the cracks are formed.



Optimal condition of parquet

Humidity in the room within 45-60%

Relative humidity 45% - 60%


Make a human feel well and provides long operation life of the parquet



Parquet increases and deforms

High humidity is set in the room especially during the rainy months.

Relative humidity is over 60%



During the room ventilation parquet and other items made of wood absorb moisture from the air and expand. You can reduce the humidity using air-conditioners.