Imperial Tavolini parquet.
Parquet which has history and soul Е
   Tavolini parquet - is not just a trick of a fashion, it is a high art,culture, beauty and design which could not be influenced by time. Theparquet collections combine sophistication of the past and fashion ofthe present days, we can find here a reflection of the most worldТsdesign progressive and advanced tendencies. Tavolini Parquet hadalready become a sign of taste and status, this parquet has its uniqueface, history, sense, it is charged by energy of the mastersТ hands.
   Production of Tavolini parquet is a complicated work which could becompared to the jewelerТs work. One of the most important thing is thatour product is hand-made. Parquet collections reflect the besttraditions of Italian design, this brings our intuition to choose theTavolini brand because it bears a code of beauty, style, culture,exclusivity and quality.
   TavoliniТs portfolio includes the works from historical museums, banks,embassies and private cottages. The unique style of the TavoliniТsparquet could be noticed in any place it is laid.